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Choosing between a mobile or web app

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If you are an organization, clinic, or company which is making an app available to your customers, you may be wondering whether it’s better to build it as a web app or mobile app. Web apps [applications] are on the web and accessed using a browser. Mobile apps are downloaded and installed from app stores. So which one should you launch first?

We get this question a lot from our customers. It is inspired by the fact that web apps can be accessed from their existing websites. A web app’s user experience is considered to be familiar to their end users. It probably costs less to build and maintain a web app compare to iOS and Android apps.

The demographic has shifted

We started developing mobile apps in 2008. Before 2010 we always advised our clients to start with a mobile friendly web app. Back then mobile devices didn’t have as much memory and processing power. Mobile broadband connection wasn’t as affordable and development tools weren’t as good as today. Also people mostly accessed services on the web using a desktop or laptop computer.

Today iOS and Android devices have a lot more memory and computing power. WiFi is more accessible and mobile broadband is more affordable. Mobile development frameworks are now providing a lot of options. Most important of all, the majority of people are using their mobile devices to access services on the Internet.

To elaborate further on this last point, today about half of the internet traffic is mobile (source: Smart Insights). The data from our existing clients is consistent with what the research firms are providing. In 3 years, this number will only increase.

Today, if you are planning to have a service available as an app, it makes better sense to develop it for mobile first. When it gets to accessing a service on a mobile device, touching an icon and launching an app is always a superior user experience than having to type a url in the browser on your iOS or Android device. They have better access to the device’s features and resources such as geolocation, push notification, and local storage. Also mobile apps can be made to be more secure and reliable than mobile friendly web apps.

Going mobile, you may realize that you don’t even need to make your service accessible to desktop and laptop computers.


Van Deusen Gardens Christmas Lights 10

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Merry Christmas everyone. Say warm and jolly with your loved ones this weekend. Please don’t forget to reach out to those who are cold and hungry this weekend.

Blockchain has been coming up in our client meetings lately. They’ve been asking us about developing apps for such networks. We’ve heard about the internet of information, Internet of things, and now it is time for the Internet of Value. Blockchain is a distributed ledger of transactions and it is going to have more impact on our lives than the Internet itself and make centralized entities that maintain information about our transactions and ownership obsolete.

Three videos that explain blockchain clearly

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Blockchain was originally used as the infrastructure for the controversial cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. It can however be applied to many other scenarios where keeping track of all transactions in a safe and secure fashion is required. The safety and security is created by the distributed nature of blockchain. In this architecture there is a peer-to-peer network of ledgers where each ledger database  or node contains the history of all transactions. This data is immutable and cannot be changed. A blockchain – by design – is very hard to hack.

Ledgers and history of transactions are normally maintained by powerful entities such as corporations, financial institutions, and governments. They keep records about the history of valuable assets such as lands, properties, etc. If all these ledgers move to the blockchain where no single entity be able to assert control over them, this may disrupt many ivory towers of power in the world.

The blockchain topic can get quite complex and we are still learning how to use and apply it. Here are 3 videos that we have selected for you that describe blockchain in a simpler language.

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… inspired by apps like uber. My partner and I would like to have a meeting with you to get an estimate on making an app.

Dear startup founder
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Dear startup founder,

you can’t outsource your product development. You need to build it in your team and the estimate is all the time and money you have until you make it or break it.

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What is mobile cloud computing architecture?

Mobile cloud computing

Mobile cloud computing is still a mystery to a lot of people in the enterprise and organizations. Here is one one example:

What is cloud? Why do we need to store information in the cloud? Why can’t we just store everything on the phone?

This was asked by the head of IT department in a prominent medical organization in Vancouver. Valid question actually. A lot of people still don’t seem to know what cloud computing is. Read more


The shift from building products to platforms

The shift from building products to platforms

People use the terms product and platform interchangeably and the latter has turned into the new trendy catchphrase by entrepreneurs. When we talk about software, products and platforms refer to two different concepts. Recently there has been a shift from developing products to platforms for valid business reasons and before explaining why let’s define what products and platforms are. Read more


Should a startup outsource product development?

Should a startup outsource their product development?

Let’s say you have an idea; there are several ways to execute the product development: Read more


This is why we do not sign NDAs for ideas

We do not sign NDAs for ideas

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Incident Report App

incident report app

We have been getting numerous requests for developing incident report mobile and cloud apps. These are inquiries from natural resources, mining, manufacturing, and property management companies.

An incident report app enables mobile users to report an incident which has happened on a residential or work premise. Then the system notifies the people in charge such as building managers or worksite supervisor so they can take actions accordingly. Read more