Hyve iOS App

The Hyve iOS app is developed for a Vancouver startup company with the goal of providing up-to-date information about the local nightlife, bars, and restaurants to college and university students. Hyve is a native iOS app that connects to a social networking infrastructure and API in the cloud. Users are able to interact with their social peers and keep each other updated about the entertainment venues and restaurants that they attend.

Hyve features include:

  1. Follow your friends and be followed
  2. Follow your University and current students
  3. Follow and stay up-to-date with your favourite bars and events
  4. Story Feed
  5. Real-time notifications of where your friends are socializing (will show up on activity feed)
  6. Spot information (including events, specials, and hours of operation)
  7. Location based functions (know what’s going on in your area, walking/driving directions, etc.)
  8. Find friends who already have Hyve, or email them to join!

Both the native iOS apps and cloud infrastructure are developed by rmdStudio for the initial launch. The Client has now taken over further development and maintenance of the service.


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