Developed for a local startup, the Propredictor iPhone app delivers weekly NFL stats during the NFL football season to the iPhone users. This project had 2 components:

  1. an iphone apps which is being sold on the iphone app store
  2. a web service developed where all the data is entered and then the results are received by the iphone app via json feeds.

Using the Propredictor iphone App You can compare teams by their Power Rating and pinpoint teams on the way up and those on the way down. These are the teams likely to make the playoffs and teams likely to miss the playoffs. The Power Rating is based on real data, not opinion. The stats are generated based on a proprietary and distinct algorithm that includes a defensive bias based upon the stats of the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears since they are still recognized as the best defensive team in the National Football League.

The obtained results by the iPhone app can be sorted by Power Rating, team’s Won/Lost Percentage, Conference, and Division. You can also touch-select any of the teams to see it’s win-loss record to date. An complimentary RSS feed aggregator delivers the breaking news on your favourite teams and players with just a tap on the screen.


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