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App Development Services

Enterprise app development & consulting since 2008


iOS App Development

The iOS platform is often the first choice for many mobile app development projects. We have been developing best in class native iOS apps for iPhone and iPad since Apple made the development kit available to mobile developers.

Android App Development

The Android platform is known for its flexibility and openness as well as ease of deployment. Our native and cross platform Android apps are developed with attention to the details and tested across multiple devices to ensure optimum performance and user experience.

Web App Development

The brain of your service is in the cloud. Enable your mobile users to upload, share, and obtain insightful information about people, places, and things. Our intelligent cloud back-end technology will deliver your team live and seamless access to their knowledge system.


Our Focus

Intelligent solutions for the enterprise and small businesses


Scientific Calculators

Word, spreadsheets, Adobe Flash, or dynamic html tools to perform custom formula calculations is slowing your enterprise down. Providing us with your data, formulas and algorithms and we will give you native or cross platform mobile apps that perform those calculations. By delivering a superior user experience your enterprise will be moving at the speed of today’s business.


Knowledge Systems

Information about people, places, and things is more valuable to your enterprise than ever. We create state of the art and open source knowledge sharing infrastructure. Let us help build and grow your organization’s knowledge capital.

Location Services

Help your mobile users navigate and find their way to designated places. Display the locations of different facilities in relation to the user’s current location. Also capture geolocation data of uploaded data and files from your user’s mobile devices.

Auditing & Reporting Systems

Word documents and PDF forms to perform audits and job site reports are slowing down your business. Same goes for assigning actions to their team members and informing the upper management about incidents. We are providing you mobile apps and cloud infrastructure to perform audits and reports on tablets and today’s mobile devices. With storing all your historical data in the cloud you will power your team’s decision making with real time access to information.

Inductions, Assessments, Surveys

Make your inductions and assessments less costly and more efficient by making them available on tablet devices. Using iPad and Android apps which will operate alone or integrate with a cloud back-end will have your enterprise moving at the speed of business.

Hardware Integration

Are you selling or using hardware that need to be controlled using mobile apps? If you give us your API and documentation, and we will develop native iOS and Android apps for your users to remotely control those devices via wifi, bluetooth, or internet connections.