About rmd Studio

Get to know us

Our Birth

In 2006, Rastin Mehr founded and incorporated rmd Studio as a web application development company in Vancouver, Canada. Our specialty was developing online learning, eCommerce, and content management systems. Some of the projects that we developed were an online learning management system (LMS) for 5 medical schools in British Columbia, an enterprise LMS used for delivering character development courses to hundreds of thousands of K12 students in Canada and US, and an email campaign management system for a well-known Canadian smartphone manufacturer which was used in CES and CTIA consumer electronic shows.

Going Mobile

With the advent of iPhones in 2008, we were hired by a team of doctors to develop iOS medical apps and that’s how we became the first mobile app development company in Vancouver. Since then our portfolio of enterprise clients has grown to include industry leaders such as LafargeHolcim (World’s largest cement manufacturer), MMG (Mineral Mining Group), VAISALA (a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement). We have also developed web and mobile solutions for non-profit organizations such as WorkSafe BC, Sparc BC, and Vancouver Coastal Health.

Successful Execution

Today our primary focus is developing enterprise web and mobile apps for the scientific, healthcare, and industrial sectors. Since 2008, we have successfully deployed over 50 projects and studied thousands of hours of use-case scenarios in different industries.

Our clients hire us not only for our technical prowess but mainly for our track record of successfully executing their ideas!

Many projects have failed even though they’ve had some of the most brilliant engineers and developers onboard. Companies and investors take risks with their funds. Entrepreneurs take risks with their curiosities, grit, and sweat. All so they can execute their ideas successfully. That’s because idea execution is hard. The ability to do so is however scarce and precious.

Meet Our People

Rastin Mehr

President, Chief Software Architect

Rastin is a dentistry school dropout who fell in love with the Internet and thinking machines, Rastin turned a sharp corner and finished a Computer Science degree from UNBC. His passion is developing learning and knowledge systems for scientific, healthcare, and industrial applications.

Rastin has roots in open source communities. He’s been a Joomla! Development Workgroup Member for two years and has twice served as a Google Summer of Code Mentor. He is the founder of Anahita, which is an open source platform for building knowledge-sharing apps and services. Rastin is also an avid Swing, Lindy Hop, and Blues dancer and is involved in many local dance venues!

Bosco Ho

iOS App Developer

Bosco is a talented iOS developer who’s been working with many Vancouver tech startups. He is especially astute with mobile-cloud architecture and API integrations. Anything with Maps, GIS, scientific data, and user interface design falls into his domain of expertise. He has a B.A. in Asian Language & Culture and Human Geography from UBC and spends his free time at fencing practices, hiking local trails, and taking long walks around the city.

Krsna Chandra Musterer

Full Stack Software Developer

Krsna has a passion for problem-solving and creating quality software applications. In university, she double majored in Math and Philosophy. Her zeal for applying logic has found its purpose in software development. Krsna is an avid participant in the Fusion dance scene and Burner community.

Naomi Müller

Senior Software Engineer

Naomi is the adult in charge whenever Rastin is on away mission with our clients. She reviews our code and provides feedback on software development design patterns, security, and system architecture. Naomi has been writing code and networking computer hardware from a very young age. She has extensive experience in integrating software with hardware systems such as actuators, relays, and 3D printers. She is interested in technologies that promote sustainable living, open data, and open science. Naomi designs sci-fi and steampunk themed costumes as a hobby.

River Wang

Full Stack Software Developer

River started his IT career back in the days of Windows NT and Borland C++! He has worked in different positions as an IT analyst, software tester, software developer and project manager. He has experience in networking, Intranet/Extranet, IBM WebSphere, IBM Domino, VoIP, and Embedded Linux system. His current focus is cloud middleware and mobile app development, and he enjoys reading and hiking when he isn’t programming!