Our 5 most popular blog posts from 2015

January is a crazy month for us. We get projects spilling over from the previous year and new opportunities rush through in the same time. So for our 2nd blog post in the new year we are posting the top 5 blog posts from the last year based on the page views. The content is somewhat timeless and still relevant. Let us know what you think:

What is mobile cloud computing architecture?

Mobile cloud computing

Mobile cloud computing is still a mystery to a lot of people in the enterprise and organizations. Here is one one example:

What is cloud? Why do we need to store information in the cloud? Why can’t we just store everything on the phone?

This was asked by the head of the IT department in a prominent medical organization in Vancouver. Valid question actually. A lot of people still don’t seem to know what cloud computing is. Read more

The shift from building products to platforms

The shift from building products to platforms

People use the terms product and platform interchangeably and the latter has turned into the new trendy catchphrase by entrepreneurs. When we talk about software, products and platforms refer to two different concepts. Recently there has been a shift from developing products to platforms for valid business reasons and before explaining why let’s define what products and platforms are. Read more

Should a startup outsource product development?

Should a startup outsource their product development?

Let’s say you have an idea; there are several ways to execute the product development: Read more

This is why we do not sign NDAs for ideas

We do not sign NDAs for ideas

We get a lot of daily calls and emails from people who have mobile app ideas that they want us to execute for them. Also, there are the Idea People who want us to sign a non-disclosure agreement before telling us what their app or business concept is about. We will not sign an NDA with you for the sake of protecting your idea and here is why: Read more

Incident Report App

incident report app

We have been getting numerous requests for developing incident report mobile and cloud apps. These are inquiries from natural resources, mining, manufacturing, and property management companies.

An incident report app enables mobile users to report an incident which has happened on a residential or work premise. Then the system notifies the people in charge such as building managers or worksite supervisors so they can take action accordingly. Read more