Anahita 4.0 Knowledge Networking Platform is now available

We are so thrilled to write this announcement. Anahita 4.0 Birth release is finally ready. The new version of this knowledge networking platform comes with hashtags, mentions, improved search, and improved group actors. Also, we have taken out a lot more of the legacy Joomla code so Anahita is now a bit lighter and faster. Check out Anahita’s blogs for continuous updates on this platform and framework.

Anahita is a remarkable open-source knowledge networking platform and framework that we have been developing for the past few years. We use Anahita as an intelligent cloud back-end for the mobile apps that we develop.

What’s next?

The focus of Anahita 4.1 will be mobile web.  A lot of the improvements that we make will be available on our GitHub repository as a part of the default Anahita distribution.

  1. Upgrading the CSS framework to the latest release of Bootstrap
  2. Rebuilding all the UIs following a MobileFirst approach which means we will build the UIs starting with small screens and mobile devices and then accommodate larger screens if needed.
  3. Rewriting the Anahita Javascript library using JQuery and a more common Javascript framework. We still haven’t decided on that, but AngularJS seems like a possible candidate.
  4. Additional improvement to the RESTful APIs for developing mobile apps.

Also here you can learn more about the Anahita 4.* vision page.