Hyve Mobile App Is Promoting Vancouver Bars and Nightclubs

We can’t emphasize more how proud we are of the Hyve app founders. Our projects are normally focused on Enterprise, but once in a while, we help local startups build the first release of their products. They bring us variety and unique challenges. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t entrepreneur material. One can’t just have some company build their app and call themselves a startup. As entrepreneurs, they need to find their product-market fit and get some early adopters. That is hard work! We only work with people who demonstrate their commitment to their cause, to us, and to their customers. Entrepreneurs put their lives on the line. They take on responsibilities and risks to make something happen.

Andrew Lackie – the co-founder of Hyve App – totally earned our trust and convinced us to build an alpha release for him after months of contacting us and visiting us. We accepted his project with the condition that he puts together their own team and take over the development cycles afterwards.

We developed both the cloud and mobile apps and delivered the codebase to him. Guess what! He put together a team of developers, took over the development, and eventually launched their service. Since then, they have released several updates, added new features, and gained some traction too. Recently he told us that they had to pay customers using their service. Now that’s something to be very proud of.

What is Hyve Mobile App?

The Hyve mobile app is a social network for bars and restaurants to promote their events to the Millennials generation – mostly college and university students. It is a modern reincarnation of when agents used to stand on Vancouver’s fashion and nightlife districts and hand out colourful promotional cards to the walking traffic. Now the local bars and nightclubs can simply distribute their flyers through the Hyve app and actually know how many people have viewed them or attending the events. They can even tailor promotional codes to their Hyve campaigns and measure the results.

The Hyve app also provides a geolocation service which means users can locate all the events and points of interest in their closed vicinity. Currently, Hyve is focused on the greater Vancouver area, but they have the infrastructure to offer their service anywhere in the world.

We are continuing to work with the Hyve team as their advisors and watch them grow their user base in more cities across Canada and other countries. Just like any other startup, they still have many more development cycles to go through and win some hearts and minds amongst their users.