Incident Report App

incident report app


We have been getting numerous requests for developing incident report mobile and cloud apps. These are inquiries from natural resources, mining, manufacturing, and property management companies.

An incident report app enables mobile users to report an incident which has happened on a residential or work premise. Then the system notifies the people in charge such as building managers or worksite supervisor so they can take actions accordingly.

environment incident report app

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Developing such a service takes more than just an iOS or Android app. The mobile app is only used to capture and submit reports. It geolocations the reports so they can later be rendered or searched on a map. They are timestamped, tagged, and contain all kinds of meta data so they can later be retrieved or be used for generating heat-maps and reports. The mobile app communicates with a cloud app where all the information, reports, and user accounts are kept and maintained. An incident report app operates much like Instagram or Twitter for reporting incidents, except that all the accounts and reports are stored and used following the organizations privacy guidelines. Ideally the cloud app stores information in a format where big data and analytics can be created later on. It is custom developed for the enterprise needs.

Unfortunately some local app development shops and have been largely underestimating the work involved and providing misleading quotes and estimates to these companies. Building a industry grade incident report system requires more infrastructure than what a developer can patch together on ruby and rails and some html5 mobile cross platform tool. It’s been tried. Some fairly good prototypes are built, but there is more into it.

On the other hand many organizations have been using Microsoft word documents or a Sharepoint website to report, collect, and aggregate incidents. As far as mobile tools go, some have been using Microsoft office for iPad to create and email out incident reports. There is clearly a need.

We have spent a lot of time with our clients to learn about their incident report scenarios. We have cloud infrastructure software, prototypes, case studies, and estimates to share. If you are interested please contact us and let’s meet. We want to hear your story.

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