Construction Research Network

The Construction Research Network (CRN) is a point of contact between the Canadian Architectural, Engineering and Construction (RAEC) sector and the research and development community focussed on construction.

There is an increasing demand for sustainability, affordability, and productivity, yet initiating contact through conventional practices is still challenging, and innovation is the key to success. Our client developed this platform to help Canadian RAEC firms easily find the resources and R&D partners they need to solve their next challenge.

We developed the CRN platform based on a graph architecture that allows searching for People, Projects, Facilities, Photos, Documents, and Posted notes. The system also supports numerous graphs such as Locations, Hashtags, and Mentions that facilitate searching for relevant content. A community of scientists, researchers, and innovators on the CRN open science network maintains and publishes information about their research projects.

Our client decided to shut down this project in early 2023 due to lack funding.

Clients: Scius Advisory, The Vancouver Regional Construction Association


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