Heart Risk

The Coronary Heart Disease Risk Calculator iOS app is developed for medical practitioners. Imagine getting the results of a blood test, entering some data such as gender, blood pressure, cholesterol, and age in an iPhone app, and then it will tell you the patient’s chance of having a heart stroke within the next 10 years. This iPhone application does just that based on the NHLBI’s Framingham Heart Study. In fact, the application is so simple to use that both doctors and patients could download it and benefit from it.

Live animated graphs are drawn simultaneously as the parameters are changed using the sliding knobs on the screen. This application is a suitable tool for doctors to educate their patients on maintaining a healthier heart and preventing future cases of coronary heart disease as much as possible.

As an added value, an RSS feed aggregator on this application is also delivering the latest medical news about the coronary heart disease from multiple news sources to the user.


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