SPARC BC Website

Project Year: 2010

The Social Planning and Research Council of BC (SPARC BC) is a non-partisan, charitable organization operating in BC since 1966. SPARC BC focuses on social justice issues and works together with communities on Accessibility, Community Development, Income Security, and Social planning.

The old SPARC BC website was first developed by rmdStudio 2 years before and it was about time to do some major updates. The 2.0 version of the website is powered using the Joomla! CMS and Gantry Framework. It is also using a custom document management system developed by rmd Studio called the RubberDoc to manage a large collection of downloadable resources and publications.

The SPARC BC website is accessible to visually impair website visitors who use screen readers to browse the web.

The new website provides up to 68 new positions for modules to be displayed. Twitter and Facebook gadgets are displayed in the front page to boost their online followers. Integrates with the service so their visitors can leave comments on published resources. The new website can also be used as a podcasting platform.