The Lafarge ePod apps are used when shipping cement to customers

Lafarge ePod for iOS

This is has been both exciting and rewarding for us. We worked the last 12 months with the Lafarge Eastern Canada team and launched the ePod iOS and Android apps. Today they are on the app store and working. 12 months ago they were ideas and diagrams.

Lafarge ePod for Android

The Lafarge ePod apps are used when shipping cement to their customers. This application is used for capturing digital signatures at the time of pickup, by the carrier truck driver and at delivery location, by their customers. These signatures are stored on Lafarge servers from where they can be retrieved upon request as an electronic proof of delivery.

These apps can be categorized under Field Service Management apps and they replace conventional paper trail business processes in enterprise with mobile cloud solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Working with the Lafarge team has been such a pleasure and we learned a lot from them through the process.

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