VentureBeat Roadshow Vancouver Mobile Developers

VentureBeat Roadshow Vancouver Mobile Developers event

We are at the VentureBeat Roadshow Vancouver Mobile Developers event, and John Koetsier just took the stage. He gives some great numbers about the success and failure of mobile apps. More is on the way.

Rastin Mehr, our CEO and President, is here. Come and talk to him in person if you like. Let me use the opportunity and plug another reason we are celebrating today. On the Apple app store, we launched another app for the world’s largest cement manufacturer today – Lafarge ePod.

Fun fact: John Koetsier was Rastin’s first and last boss that Rastin had after he graduated from university.

The current topic is:

Mobile User Acquisition

Here are the most successful methods according to their data:

  1. Apps cross-promotion – own apps
  2. Social campaigns
  3. Banner ads in mobile apps
  4. App store optimization (SEO, title, icon)
  5. Video Ads
  6. Email Campaigns
  7. PR, press

Cost Per Impression is a volume strategy but not the best one (not surprising). Charts show that throwing money at the problem doesn’t necessarily generate the best results and increases the cost per acquisition. Missed the social networks graph, but Facebook was significantly larger than all the other social networks combined. Promoting your app on Facebook is most effective at this point. Next are Google and Youtube on the list!

App Analytics

You’ve built an app; people are using it; you want to know what is going on and how people use it.

  • Google Analytics
  • Flurry
  • Umeng

The rest are almost non-existent. It’s not even a competition.

Most developers are using more than one analytics tool. The more successful they are, the more likely they are to use more analytics tools simultaneously.

Mobile Monetization

There are a lot of ways to monetize. Here are the popular ones, but most popular doesn’t mean most effective:

  1. Interstitials Ads (here is a new word)
  2. in-app purchase
  3. Banner ads
  4. Video Ads
  5. Offer walls
  6. App walls
  7. Pay to download

Most effective ones?

  • Freemium is the most effective for games.
  • Interstitials
  • banner ads

Top monetization vendors:

  1. Google
  2. Flurry
  3. Chartboost
  4. Tapjoy
  5. AdColony
  6. Apple (iAD)

Least effective methods:

  1. Ads: banner ads and traditional static images
  2. Ads: lock screen ads
  3. Ads: text ads
  4. Affiliate/e-commerce links to purchase physical goods

Note: don’t annoy your users

It also looks like developers who have published more than 10 or 11 apps tend to move away from Google because – we think – they’ll have more sophisticated needs that Google doesn’t meet.

Advice to the small app development teams: don’t limit yourself to Google and explore other app monetization companies and strategies.

Thank you, John! The VentureBeat Roadshow delivered great information!

VentureBeat Roadshow Panel Talk and Interview

VentureBeat Roadshow Vancouver Mobile Developers

The best tips from the VentureBeat Roadshow for mobile developers are:

  1. Rather than strategies to annoy your users, use strategies to reward them for using your app. Do you hear that ad, guy?
  2. Instead of just using in-app purchases, find other ways of monetizing your apps.
  3. John Koetsier said that different types of users respond at other times during the day, so get to know your users and their habits so you can send the notifications at the right time.

That’s it, folks. If there is anything new, it will get posted here. Thank you for reading our blog post.