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About Us

We are in beautiful Gastown, Vancouver, BC, Canada.



We are a web and mobile app development company in Vancouver, BC. Canada. We have been developing best in class iOS, Android, and cloud apps since 2008. Our clients are enterprise companies, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

We specialize in developing custom end-to-end mobile and web app solutions for sharing knowledge, scientific calculations, business process improvement, and controlling hardware. We build great products using the Internet, iOS, and Android platforms.

Proven Track Record

Many software teams flaunt their technical skills, but executing an idea successfully takes more than just app development skills. It takes thousands of hours of experience in project management, design and communication, understanding your needs and your end user’s needs. It requires the ability to devise or recognize the shortest paths to finding solutions for technical problems. We offer you a proven track record of industry experience and reliability. We have delivered 100% of our past projects successfully.


Our Team

We provide a diverse set of skills to help you meet your business needs.


Rastin Mehr

Founder, President, Software Architect

A dentistry school dropout who fell in love with the Internet and thinking machines so instead he finished his B.Sc. in Computer Science from UNBC. His passion is developing mobile and cloud based learning and knowledge systems so people can share the fruit of knowledge. His hobbies include swing dance, fashion illustration, and playing the guitar.

Bosco Ho

iOS App Developer

Bosco is a talented iOS developer who has been working with a number of Vancouver tech startups. He is especially astute with mobile-cloud architecture and API integrations. Anything with Maps, GIS, scientific data, and user interface design falls into his domain of expertise. He has a B.A. in Asian Language & Culture and Human Geography from UBC and spends his free time at fencing practices, hiking local trails, and taking long walks around the city.


Naomi Wilson

Fullstack Developer

She has degrees in philosophy and architecture, however she has been writing code since very young age. Her current focus is developing mobile apps and user interfaces. Her hobbies include growing herbs and vegetables in mason jars and printing Wobot (Woman Robot) figurines using her MakerBot 3D printer.

River Wang

Android App Developer

He started his IT career from the time of Windows NT and Borland C++, having worked in the different positions as IT analyst, software tester, software developer and project manager. He has experience in networking, Intranet/Extranet, IBM WebSphere, IBM Domino, VoIP and Embedded Linux system. His current focus is agile mobile app development. He enjoys reading and hiking as hobbies.