Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year 2022

Happy new year, and just like that, we are in 2022 and nearly two years through the pandemic.

One of the best decisions several years ago was operating as a distributed team. While most of us are in Canada, we wanted our team members to work from their preferred locations and times whenever possible. That meant no more fixed work hours and no more dreary Agile Scrum meetings! We operate very much like an open-source project core team.

Once the pandemic happened, it turned out there was perhaps an evolutionary advantage to be introverts who preferred working asynchronously in solitude. We continued to deliver our milestones and develop technologies.


One of the development milestones we achieved during the last 20 months was developing the Client-Server Architecture in Anahita.io and re-launching the project website on the new infrastructure. Anahita is an open-source knowledge networking platform for developing knowledge-sharing apps and services. One of the previous projects that we created using Anahita was the HealthConnectionBC for the Vancouver Coastal Health to help the public access hundreds of free and low-cost health services available in the greater Vancouver area.

We are still polishing the community version of the Anahita codebase, but there are already knowledge platforms using the new Client-Server Architecture.


For example, the Construction Research Network (CRN) knowledge platform that we developed for Construction Foundation BC and SCIUS Advisory is already accessible to the public. CRN is a specialized knowledge platform and search engine for construction industry organizations to find and meet construction-related research, innovations, and facilities.

We have several in-house and client projects in the pipeline and are fully booked until summer. Keep watching this space for the Fall bookings and more news on our knowledge-sharing applications for the science, healthcare, and construction industry.

Wishing you all a great year ahead!

Photo by Tairon Fernandez from Pexels