What kind of internet do we want?

Over 10 years ago, at the peak of the Internet DotCom era, rmdStudio was founded as a web development company with the dream of opening new opportunities for creating and sharing knowledge on the web.

We believe that sharing the fruit of knowledge is the most rebellious act against those who wish to control us. We have a long history of contributing to open source projects such as Joomla and later founded our own open source project the Anahita Platform. That would be thousands of hours of writing software and giving it away for free and for freedom under the GPL license. Today our focus is mobile because more and more people access the web using their mobile devices in order to consume and create information.

Today there are forces from the governments and big corporations to take away the openness and freedom on the web. For reasons such as our own protection, protecting corporate monopolies, and limiting freedom of speech. Those who speak out are often demonized and ostracized. In this fight, we need to maintain our focus and remind ourselves: What kind of internet do we want?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web 25 years ago. He has a few words with us in his TEDTalk about eroding net neutrality, filter bubbles and centralized corporate control that threaten the web’s wide-open spaces. It is worth listening to.