Start of a great new year

Start of a great new year
New Year Polar Bear Swim in Vancouver – Photo by GoToVan

Happy new year. Wishing a healthy and successful year in 2015.

We are back to work and have already started getting in touch with everyone. Holidays are great, but if you love what you do, they can seem a little too long. Let’s say we are very happy to be back.

2014 was a great year for us. We launched 6 mobile apps HealthConnection, Hyve, Actuator Controllers for iPhone and Android and 2 more enterprise project that we yet have to obtain permissions from our client before we can mention them. Aren’t some enterprise clients amazing when it gets to transparency and openness? We’ll let you know as soon as we get their consent.

Last year we made 2 major releases of the open source platform available which are versions 3.0 and 4.0. Anahita was also rebranded from a social networking platform to a knowledge networking platform. That is because the main application of Anahita is developing insightful knowledge sharing apps and service. The term Social Networking was correct from the math and computer science perspective, but unfortunately it reminds everyone of social media and facebook. We are looking forward to develop more mobile projects that use Anahita as the cloud back-end. The current focus of Anahita project is all about improved mobile-first design, usability, and graph architecture.

Rastin gave 2 talks about the Anahita technology and building more insightful knowledge app which was well received. It was called Connecting the Dots and it was delivered in LaunchAcademy and later at the Nooku Jam in Leuven, Belgium.

We will continue to maintain our focus on building knowledge apps and some hardware integrations this year. Some of the areas that we have been active in recently are technologies used in Open Science, Open Data, and Citizen Science. We also did quite a bit of consulting about auditing and incident report tools with companies in natural resources and manufacturing sector. A lot of these projects start with a great deal of research before materializing as apps and services. If you have any similar inquiries, please contact us and let’s talk about them.

Looking forward to making new ideas happen in 2015!