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About rmd Studio

We are an app development company in Vancouver, BC, Canada, specializing in developing custom cloud-based solutions for the scientific, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. We develop browser, desktop, and mobile apps on top of state-of-the-art distributed cloud infrastructure and provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Our clients hire us not only for our technical experience but mainly for our track record of successfully executing their ideas.

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What We Do

Consulting Services

Scoping & Estimates

Scoping a project is the first step in bringing your software vision to life. At this stage, we find out what you are trying to accomplish, gather the required information, and email you a time and cost estimate within a reasonable timeframe.

Technology Research

Sometimes, before we give you a time and cost Estimate, we need to research and gather some preliminary information. For example, we look for existing SAAS solutions, implementations, software development kits (SDK), and their licensing terms. We assess the pros and cons of using an existing solution vs. building a custom one for you.

Risk Analysis

Mitigating risks is paramount in high-stakes industries like healthcare and resource/manufacturing. Our Risk Analysis service employs a systematic approach to identify potential pitfalls and challenges. By proactively assessing and managing risks, we ensure your software project remains on track, within budget, and aligned with industry-specific compliance standards.

We help you assess and mitigate the potential risks that may impact your software project. We will analyze your software product’s technical, operational, and ethical aspects and identify the sources, likelihood, and consequences of possible threats. We will also provide you with a risk management plan that outlines the strategies, actions, and tools to prevent or reduce the adverse effects of the risks.

Information Architecture

We start building an information system by organizing, grouping, and labelling the information that will flow through the system. Our Information Architecture service focuses on designing intuitive and efficient data structures, ensuring that your system operates seamlessly. We prioritize user experience (UX) and develop a logical and intuitive information architecture that enables easy navigation, access, and understanding of your software product. We also create wireframes, sitemaps, flowcharts, and prototypes that illustrate your software product’s layout, hierarchy, and interaction.

System Analysis

Good system analysis is the cornerstone of reliable software in specialized industries. It is the process of studying and understanding a system and then proposing solutions to improve its performance and functionality or, in some cases, scaling up the infrastructure to perform more tasks. In highly regulated industries, system analysis also includes ensuring a software system complies with an industry’s rules and regulations. 

We start by scrutinizing every aspect, from functionality to scalability, to ensure that your software meets industry-specific requirements while aligning with your organization’s objectives. Then, we help you define and specify your software product’s needs and specifications, analyze your software product’s functional, non-functional, and quality attributes, and document them clearly and concisely.

System Design

Based on the insights gained from the system analysis, our System Design service crafts a blueprint for your software solution. We create a detailed design encompassing architecture, modules, interfaces, and data flow. We also design the infrastructure to continuously deploy software updates and releases in the cloud and to your end-users. This process ensures your software is technologically sound and poised for efficient development and future scalability.


Navigating the intricate web of regulations, including regional compliance requirements for data storage and industry-specific standards such as HIPAA and GDPR, is paramount in today’s digital landscape. We aim to ensure your software solution meets these critical regulations and standards. We design, develop, and test your application to ensure it meets the regional compliance mandates and upholds the security and data protection requirements established by regulations to safeguard your data and reputation.

Application and Software Development Services

Browser App Development

Browser applications operate within the popular web browsers, and they can communicate back and forth with a back-end in the cloud infrastructure. Browser apps use shared user experience conventions that people use to browse websites, and these apps are generally easier to maintain and scale up, making them a popular choice for service providers.

Our browser apps are seamlessly integrated with web services and cloud-based APIs, providing secure functionality for entering and accessing data in the cloud. We aim to maximize user engagement while safeguarding their data with robust encryption at rest and in transit. Additionally, we assist you in achieving compliance standards for your industry to make your browser app a reliable solution for your organization.

Mobile App Development

People always carry their mobile devices on them, and mobile apps have proved to be efficient tools for exchanging information and automating business workflows while on the go. Our company has over a decade of experience developing native and cross-platform iOS and Android mobile apps for Enterprises and NGOs using the best tools and practices at each point in time. Our mobile apps work with web services and cloud-based APIs to enable secure data access and synchronization, receive push notifications, and more. We protect user data and privacy by following security, encryption, and compliance standards.

Desktop App Development

Our cross-platform desktop applications work seamlessly on Windows, MacOS, and Linux machines. We prioritize good UI/UX design using the best development tools and conventions. We even implement the automatic app update pipelines and package signing and notarization workflows for Windows and MacOS versions of your desktop apps. All sensitive data is securely encrypted at rest and in transit to safeguard a user’s privacy. Furthermore, we ensure that your app complies with relevant regulations in your organization, making it a reliable choice.

Web Services and Cloud-Based API Development

Web services and cloud APIs are the back-end infrastructure for mobile, desktop, and browser apps, facilitating data access, business logic and integration across platforms and devices. They are an essential component of a Client-Server Architecture. 

Our back-end software applications use industry-leading development tools and conventions to meet your industry and region’s privacy and security standards. Depending on the size of your operation, we create web services and cloud APIs using a Client-Server and Microservices Architecture and deploy them on AWS and IBM Cloud providers. All data and files are encrypted at rest and during transit to protect your end-user’s privacy and digital assets.

Middleware System Software Development

A middleware is an intermediary system component that bridges the gap between disparate systems and enables seamless communication and data exchange. Middleware applications can enable communication within or between private cloud environments. Sometimes, our middleware apps utilize advanced features from cloud providers such as AWS and IBM Cloud to move data and files around. While developing a middleware, we ensure to meet your organization’s security and privacy requirements while facilitating communication between multiple business information services in your cloud.

Distributed Systems Design & Architecture

Client-Server Architecture

Many apps that we use nowadays are client-server architecture. In this architecture, a client is a browser, desktop or mobile app. A Client requests data and uses resources or services from servers that reside in the cloud and provide those resources or services. Servers, on the other hand, manage file and data storage applications while responding to client requests. This distributed approach enhances scalability and security.

Being a full-stack software development company, rmd Studio has been developing client and server applications for over a decade, so this domain is our core expertise

Microservices Architecture

Micro-services architecture is developing infrastructure as multiple independent and loosely coupled services rather than building one monolith app that handles all the web services and requests in a cloud environment. Each service takes a specific functionality or domain of the application and communicates with other services through well-defined APIs. 

We specialize in designing and implementing brand-new microservices or converting an existing monolithic application to microservices in consecutive releases, sometimes without downtime. Our services encompass automated CI/CD pipelines, automatic notarization, and automatic application update delivery. With a focus on automation and middleware excellence, we empower your software platform in the cloud to achieve peak performance.

Federated Architecture

A federated architecture integrates clusters of apps and web services across multiple public or private cloud environments or providers. These clusters seamlessly share files and exchange information. All the data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

We build our federated architectures on AWS and IBM Cloud environments while meeting your organization’s privacy and user data protection requirements.

Enterprise Architecture

Organizations with a large workforce have strict security requirements, including limiting data and file exchange over the open web, keeping all server-side applications within private clouds, and using client-supplied encryption keys. The security protocols often forbid the workforce from subscribing to and using available SAAS and PAAS solutions on the web. 

Our enterprise architecture is a customized software architecture to meet your organization’s security requirements that aim to limit or avoid any form of data and file exchange over the open internet and have stricter encryption and cyber security requirements. Please let us know whether you want to integrate your enterprise architecture solution with your existing and legacy network services.

DevOps & Release Engineering Services

CI/CD Pipelines and Automation

We must test, build, package, sign, and notarize software packages before making them available for download and automatic updates.

CI/CD or Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines are workflows we build in the cloud to automate manufacturing software packages.

Developing and maintaining a CI/CD pipeline is an ongoing process because, like the software, we must also take care of all the custom code and infrastructure we build in the CI/CD workflow.

Cloud Computing and Infrastructure Management

Cloud computing providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Cloud, offer a vast collection of valuable products and services that we use to build distributed systems for our clients. Each of these services comes with a constantly evolving lifecycle, versioning, and documentation; that means we must upgrade and maintain all the Release Engineering tools we build using these tools and all the setup and configurations we create in the cloud for our clients.

Our Cloud Computing and Infrastructure Management is about keeping up with all changes and required upgrades in the custom solutions we build for you in the cloud and minimizing security vulnerabilities and service downtime.

Custom System Maintenance

Software products and platforms that we develop for you require ongoing updates and meticulous upkeep. We design our custom system maintenance services to cater to the unique requirements of the products we create, ensuring their longevity and high performance. While our list of services is flexible and adaptable to each infrastructure’s needs, it includes all the critical elements.

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