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Lean Entrepreneur Program

Lean Entrepreneur Program is now offered by LaunchAcademy

Launch Academy is now accepting new students for their Lean Entrepreneur program through which you'll learn the foundations on how to validate and execute your startup idea successfully. The Lean Entrepreneur Program is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. At LaunchAcademy you will also have the opportunity to attend...

Hyve Mobile App Is Promoting Vancouver Bars and Nightclubs

We can't emphasize more how proud we are of the Hyve app founders. Our projects are normally focused on Enterprise, but once in a while, we help local startups build the first release of their products. They bring us variety and unique challenges. Unfortunately, most...

Our top 5 blog posts from 2014

Going through our google analytics we decided to mention the most popular blog posts from last year. Here we go: 5. The app is mostly done we just need someone to develop it No your app is not mostly done. You haven’t even started to scratch the surface...

Tempting but unrealistic offers

  There is not a week that we don't lose a deal or two and that's ok. There is always a company out there who is willing to do a project for lower fees. Our fees are not very high. We charge market fees and plan the...

Incident Report App

incident report app


We have been getting numerous requests for developing incident report mobile and cloud apps. These are inquiries from natural resources, mining, manufacturing, and property management companies.

An incident report app enables mobile users to report an incident which has happened on a residential or work premise. Then the system notifies the people in charge such as building managers or worksite supervisor so they can take actions accordingly.

This time you are the guest

Photo by Kevin Dooley A little topic came up during a client meeting this morning and I'd like to share it here. Until now when we developed for the web, users have been our guests. When you have guests over, you try to make them as...

Start of a great new year

Start of a great new year
New Year Polar Bear Swim in Vancouver – Photo by GoToVan

Happy new year. Wishing a healthy and successful year in 2015.

We are back to work and have already started getting in touch with everyone. Holidays are great, but if you love what you do, they can seem a little too long. Let’s say we are very happy to be back.

How can you protect an idea?

How can you protect an idea?
Photo by Hartwig HKD

We advise a lot of startups and especially around this time of the year we get a lot of people who contact us with an idea that they want execute. Quite often a lot of these people are reluctant to tell us about the problem they are trying to solve and what is it that they want us to build for them. They are concerned that we may run off with their million dollar idea and build it ourselves. Some have even sought legal advise on this matter or they simply ask us whether they can protect an idea? Here is our response:

Happy Holidays

We would like to wish you a happy holiday season. Please take a well-deserved break from your computer. Go enjoy an eggnog, coffee, or tea with someone you care about. Tell them how much they mean to you. Reconnect with an old friend or someone who...

The shift from building products to platforms

The shift from building products to platforms

Photo by Alper Çuğun

People use the terms product and platform interchangeably and the latter has turned into the new trendy catchphrase by entrepreneurs. Investors such as Peter Thiel have voiced their skepticism about the platform concept and call it a buzzword.

When we talk about software, products and platforms refer to two different concepts. Recently there has been a shift from developing products to platforms for valid business reasons and before explaining why let’s define what products and platforms are:

What is a product?

A product is built to solve a specific problem or facilitate a specific process. It comes with a growing list of features. It is finished, refined, and finalized for sale. When people are about to buy a product, they compare quality, ease of use, and feature lists. Products are a lot easier to sell, because people have an easier time relating to them and understand what they are about. Mobile and desktop apps are generally products.